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For the lessee

People are used to go through a lot of trouble when buying themselves an apartment, house, car, tractor and much more. Now all the troubles can stay in the past because Lenderliising offers You or Your company the fastest and the most favourable financing solution.

When pursuing to lease an asset which costs up to EUR 35 000, you will get a response within two banking days. In order to make the financing decision we need the balance sheet and the income statement (not older than three months) of Your company as well as the sales offer of the asset to be acquired. As for a private person who wishes to apply for a lease, we kindly ask to submit the bank statement of the past six months, and the sales offer of the asset.

Lenderliising has been established with the purpose of making the financing process as easy as possible for the clients.

Why purchase an asset by leasing it?

If you ask the same question from the people whose daily work is on financial markets, there will be just one answer to this - own money is the most expensive money. Taking into account the current interest rates the company assets are definitely more profitable to be financed through a leasing company rather than using their own resources.

The owner should not finance the acquisition of new assets at the expense of their earned profits. After functioning on the market of companies offering financing solutions long enough, it has become clear that companies believe that investments in appliances, equipment or other kind of assets have to be made at once at the expense of company's profit. A calculating entrepreneur uses the products and solutions offered by leasing companies for that. After all, people become entrepreneurs to earn profit and to provide themselves and the future generations with work and a decent livelihood. A viable company has to be able to handle investments in the future by itself and not at the expense of the owner's earned profits.

Why find a financing solution through Lenderliising?

Lenderliising is flexible and You can be sure that your application will not be collecting dust somewhere in the corner. Every inquiry will be processed from the moment it is received, and unlike the big banks, we are for the most part aware of the client's field and the ​​seasonality and other peculiarities of the business area. It is the client-oriented approach which helps us to offer You the best conditions based on Your needs.

Lenderliising helps to create a more successful tomorrow

Unlike the competing leasing companies, Lenderliising can offer the widest choice of leasing and loan products. Therefore, both private persons and companies are most likely to find a suitable financing solution with us.


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