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About the company

Leasing companies usually see only numbers behind the inquiries – cost of assets, balance sheet and profit – an opportunity to earn. But they can't often see the most important behind these numbers, which is the person or a company who has a vision. Mutually profitable partnerships can develop a solid cornerstone by understanding each other's business, listening to the visions, and why not even by dreaming together.

Every day, many good ideas remain unrealized because of the financial institutions who are not able to enter the value of the client's idea and the probable profitability to their loan calculators. Responding to clients is often postponed and the plans which require operative action are destroyed.

Lenderliising is established by experienced financial experts, who have years of experience in managing leasing and loan services in big banks. The purpose of Lenderliising is above all to help businesses in Estonia to grow so that they can realize the plans, which implementation is simply stuck behind the financial resources.

Our experience helps to see the business peculiarities behind the company's name and numbers, such as seasonality and the area of business. Based on the particularity of the client we can offer the best loan and leasing products from our wide product range.

Having set the client-orientation as our goal, we wish to be flexible regarding the clients' needs and find quick financing solutions even for more complex inquiries.

Check out our wide product range, Ask for a loan offer and let's put Your next great idea into practice together.